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Singapore-Based Platform Gordian Capital Launches New Fund

Singapore-based fund platform Gordian Capital has launched a new fund, the R Squared Global fund, managed by Tokyo-based William Warner (ex-Millennium and LMR Partners) & Singapore-based Justin Leow. The fund invests in liquid derivative instruments, using quantitative models to arbitrage systematic and structural inefficiencies in the market.

Warner, the fund’s founder and Chief Investment Officer, was most recently a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager with Millennium Management in Tokyo. He began his career as an equity derivatives trader at JP Morgan in Tokyo (2008 to 2012) and prior to joining Millennium, worked as a Portfolio Manager managing a global portfolio at LMR Partners in Hong Kong from 2016 to 2019.

Warner said, “Our Fund focuses on market neutral, high Sharpe Ratio arbitrage strategies globally and we intend to source risk premia in non-crowded trades. Stable returns with capital preservation are of the utmost importance, whilst aiming for low correlation with both the market and other hedge funds.” The Fund, a Cayman-domiciled corporate vehicle, is open to US investors. Warner also added, “Recent market events have shown that many funds claiming to be market-neutral are actually taking on large risks because they rely on certain correlation assumptions which may not necessarily hold up in stress scenarios. Our approach is to avoid these crowded trades and instead focus on delivering sustainable alpha from areas in the market that are overlooked.”

Leow added, “We wouldn’t have considered bringing the Fund to the market if we didn’t have high conviction that our strategies were substantially differentiated and allowed our investors to gain exposure to a return profile that was unlike other offerings in the market. Our focus on niche uncorrelated absolute-return strategies, combined with strict risk and drawdown controls, allows us to present a Fund offering that we believe is truly unique.”

The fund sits on Gordian Capital's platform, which will provide operational, regulatory, and compliance support for the fund.

“We are delighted to onboard William and Justin, in our Tokyo and Singapore offices respectively, and look forward to supporting both them and their fund’s growth,” said Mark Voumard, CEO of Gordian Capital. “William brings a wealth of experience having worked at both large investment banks in prop trading and
a number of large hedge funds.”


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