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AlphaWeek Registration Information

Please review this page before registering for an AlphaWeek Basic account. This page was most recently updated on May 22nd, 2023.

Do I need an AlphaWeek Basic account?

Yes and no. The proprietary content in AlphaWeek's five main content channels (Alternative Credit, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Assets and Venture Capital) - i.e., that which we produce ourselves - is published 'open to air' for two days before it moves behind the registration wall, after which time an AlphaWeek Basic account is required in order to access the article or watch the video. Any 'contributed editorial' articles in these channels are published 'open to air' forever. The same goes for the Giving Back and Reports content channels. We do publish content elsewhere on the platform which is not 'open to air' and thus requires an AlphaWeek Basic account to access.

How can I make sure I get notified when you publish an article or video so that I can read or watch it without having to register for an AlphaWeek Basic account?

We recommend either bookmarking the content channels that you're interested in and checking daily. The five main content channels on AlphaWeek each have an RSS feed, which you can access at the sitemap here

I tried to register for an AlphaWeek Basic account and got an error message. What's going on there?

Creating an AlphaWeek Basic account requires an approved corporate / organisation email. We understand that some people can't use their corporate or organisation email in some instances, and many family offices, for example, don't actually have a corporate or organisation email address, so please contact us and we can permission you manually for access. Please note that we will need to verify that you are employed by a family office before granting you access. This can take time.

Does signing up for an AlphaWeek Basic account also opt me into your email newsletter?

No. If you'd like to sign up for any of our five email newsletters, please click here, enter your details and select which of the newsletters you'd like to receive. You can also sign up for our events newsletter(s), too - click here for those.

How much does an AlphaWeek Basic account cost?

There is no fee to register for an AlphaWeek Basic account.

How do I know which content is which?

We indicate the access type at the article level and in the list view.

- 'Open' means that the article or video is currently open to read / watch - i.e., you don't need an AlphaWeek Basic account.

- 'Public' means that the article or video will always be open to read / watch, with no account required.

- 'AlphaWeek Basic' means that you need an AlphaWeek Basic account to read the article or watch the video.

Is there anything else I need to know?

For those who complete the registration process - i.e. they register, and click the link in the email they receive to complete the registration process - we delete your account and your personal details after nine months of inactivity. For those who register and do not click the link in the email they receive to complete the registration process, we delete those details after one week. Please note that this is not the same process we follow for our email newsletter(s); we don't remove people manually from our newsletter subscriber list because it's not always possible to tell whether someone is opening our newsletter(s) or not, so we don't want to remove someone who might be reading them. Additionally, creating an AlphaWeek basic account does not opt you into receiving our newsletters. You can do that here

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Sorry for the inconvenience - please please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

I'd still like to register for an AlphaWeek Basic account.

Great! Please click here to go back to the registration page to create your account.