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They Used To Say the Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

We’ve seen what could very well be an act of war perpetrated beneath the Baltic Sea. We’re watching the crumbling in real time of one of the world’s oldest, longest-standing economic, political, and financial pillars. And Hurricane Ian is bearing down on a densely populated coastal region extremely vulnerable to storm surge, high winds, and other attendant threats. But the three major U.S. equity indexes are ripping higher! Andreas Steno Larsen opens today’s Daily Briefing with a discussion of the U.K. and the extent to which its fiscal, monetary, and pension catastrophe could infect the rest of the world. With “sabotage” and “contagion” and “Cat 4” rising and “inflation” fading as the market’s main theme, Darius Dale joins to talk about what, if anything, today’s rally means in the bigger picture. We want to hear from you too – please share your questions in the chat!

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Darius Dale and Andreas Steno Larsen
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Interview, Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Investing, Trading, Economics
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Daily Briefing
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