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How Strong Can the Dollar Get?

The euro has broken below parity with the dollar, hitting a two-decade low on Tuesday amid multiple exigent crises that threaten not just growth but continental order. And the yuan has weakened to a two-year low against the buck, as Chinese authorities struggle to sustain growth amid a major housing market downturn. Traders see no bottom in sight for either currency, as China’s slowdown makes Europe’s troubles that much worse in a feedback loop with global implications. As we near the start of the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium on Thursday, it’s fair to question what the Federal Reserve can do in a world where power prices in Germany reach the rough equivalent of crude oil at $1,000 per barrel. Darius Dale, the founder and CEO of 42 Macro, joins Real Vision’s Maggie Lake to talk about that as well as what a strong dollar means for financial markets and the global economy. We also hear from Michael Howell, the founder of CrossBorder Capital, on tightening liquidity and what it means for equity markets. Watch the full video featuring Michael Howell and Ash Bennington here:

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Darius Dale and Maggie Lake
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Cryptocurrencies, Interview, Investing, Economics, Real Vision, Finance, Trading
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Daily Briefing
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