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The Fed Stays Strong: Higher Rates for Longer

Federal Reserve officials believe that “substantially more evidence” of slowing inflation is necessary before the central bank cuts interest rates this year, according to the December FOMC minutes which were released Wednesday afternoon. Fed officials cited concern that inflation could prove “modestly persistent,” and said that higher rates for longer will be necessary to fight inflation. Officials agreed that rate cuts shouldn’t happen in 2023. On today’s Daily Briefing, Darius Dale, the founder of 42 Macro, joins Maggie Lake to discuss the market’s response to this news, his view of inflation, and what it all means for global assets as we navigate the year ahead. Plus, we hear from Mish Schnieder of who gives us her opinion of where inflation will head in 2023. Watch the entire interview here: We want to hear from you, so make sure to get your questions in. Editor’s Note: Our live chat feature continues to be unavailable as we upgrade our video player technology. We apologize for the temporary loss of function. But we assure you, the upgrade will more than justify the wait! In the meantime, we will be monitoring the comments section. So, in addition to conversing with your fellow community members, please share your questions there.

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Darius Dale and Maggie Lake
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Daily Briefing
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