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Did the ECB Quit the Inflation Fight?

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell held competing public appearances this morning, as the ECB announced its biggest-ever interest-rate increase and the Fed doubled down on its commitment to fighting inflation. Lagarde’s message was more mixed, however, with higher borrowing costs only increasing the risk of recession in Europe. “We have calls like this for people freezing to death and a sovereign debt crisis, and I’m like, ‘I think they’re going to figure it out’,” wrote Jared Dillian in a recent issue of The Daily DirtNap. “I’m not saying there will be a good solution, only that there will be a solution.” Jared joins Andreas Steno Larsen at the top of today’s Daily Briefing for an assessment of Europe’s crises. Then, Andreas welcomes Weston Nakamura to talk about central banks, the forex market, and the rising probability of Japanese yen intervention. We also hear from Josh Young about why energy is the most compelling area of the market right now and how oil and gas stocks are phenomenally mis-priced. Watch the full conversation between Josh Young and Harris Kupperman here:

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Jared Dillian and Andreas Steno Larsen
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Daily Briefing
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