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Investment Veterans Tim Delaney, David Polansky Launch Immersion Investments, LLC

After a combined thirty-plus years of working in varying roles within the investment industry, Tim Delaney and David Polansky have partnered up to launch their own investment firm, Immersion Investments, LLC, which focuses on managing a portfolio of concentrated, long-only, small and micro-cap equities.

Prior to their latest venture, Delaney and Polansky worked together at Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc where they held leadership roles overseeing the firm’s investment processes, including sourcing investment ideas, due diligence and portfolio construction. Delaney, the Managing Director of Investment Strategy, focused on the structure of clients’ portfolios and public market equity investments, while Polansky, a CFA charter holder, served as the Senior Analyst executing detailed fundamental research as well as idea sourcing and ongoing monitoring of existing investments.

“At our previous firm, David and I found an incredible amount of success searching for publicly-traded companies with long-term growth potential. We believe most of these opportunities reside in smaller capitalization companies where large institutional investors cannot participate. Frequently, our investments carry some level of misunderstanding by the marketplace, which depresses the valuation afforded to the company. Where there is long-term growth opportunity and temporary value dislocation, we believe there is ample opportunity to generate significant returns,” said  Delaney. “David and I are excited to replicate that same level of success for our partners at Immersion.” 

“Tim and I have developed a unique process of identifying small under-the-radar public companies that have the potential for excellent long-term returns. Our process measures potential investments on four key criteria – management quality, business quality, financial strength, and valuation,” said Polansky. “Our evaluation of risk is company-specific. We are more concerned with potential adverse long-term outcomes to the business than near-term stock price movements.”

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