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What's the Housing Market Telling Us?

U.S. stocks made gains on Tuesday, closing the month of January on a positive note. Meanwhile, the U.S. housing market fell for the fifth straight month and is down 2.5% from its peak in June 2022. But that didn’t stop homebuilders from rallying today. Ash Bennington is joined by Tony Greer, the editor of the Morning Navigator, to discuss that surprising price action and give us an update on where he sees the energy sector heading. We’ll also give you a peek into our latest edition of Investor Tutorials where Jamie McDonald breaks down how the housing market works, and what’s really driving the price trends. Watch the entire episode here: We want to hear from you, so make sure to get your questions in.

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Tony Greer and Andreas Steno Larsen
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Interview, Trading, Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Investing, Economics
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Daily Briefing
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