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Straight Forex Makes the World Go 'Round

The Institute for Supply Management reported today that its services index ticked up to 56.9 in August from 56.7 in July, expanding for the 27th consecutive month and catalyzing a “good news is bad news” leg of the recent equity selloff. It looks like investors are pricing in a higher probability of a 75-basis-point rate hike when the Federal Open Market Committee meets in two weeks. The U.S. dollar is pushing out to multi-decade highs against multiple counterparts, including the Japanese yen and the euro. And the greenback is at all-time highs against the British pound, as the new U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss steps into Number 10 as well as a raging energy crisis. And with the People’s Bank of China taking more aggressive steps to defend the yuan against depreciation, now is a good time to understand what’s happening in foreign exchange markets. Weston Nakamura, Real Vision’s man on the ground in Asia, joins Maggie Lake to talk about what we can learn from forex, perhaps the purest market on the planet.

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Weston Nakamura and Maggie Lake
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Interview, Trading, Economics, Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Real Vision, Finance
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Daily Briefing
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