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Powell Says "Zip It" to Pivot Talk

At the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium today, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke for eight minutes, offered three lessons, and generated one takeaway: “No pivot,” as Jim Bianco tweeted. The central bank will tighten monetary policy “until the job is done,” with Powell essentially promising pain for investors and workers alike. U.S. Treasury yields spiked and equity indexes sagged after the Fed Chair floated his short but stinging statement. Bianco, the founder of Bianco Research, joins Maggie Lake for today’s Daily Briefing to talk about how far the Fed is willing to go to get what it wants and whether today’s data on July personal income and spending, including a decline in the Fed’s most-favored inflation gauge, is a sign it’s actually happening. Powell foreshadowed tough times, but the Fed and its acolytes have also said a potential recession will be short and shallow. So, is “short and shallow” the new “transitory”? And what in the world is happening in Europe, as German consumer confidence falls to an all-time low? We also hear from Dario Perkins about how the Fed can still pull off a “soft-ish” landing. Watch the full conversation between Dario Perkins and Andreas Steno Larsen here:

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Jim Bianco and Maggie Lake
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Daily Briefing
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