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Is Jerome Powell Going To Nuke Everything?

The major equity indexes were mixed as of midday, a fair-to-middling session welcome relief from recent wild whipsaws. We also saw mixed inflation data: the personal consumption expenditure accelerated more than expected in August in the U.S., and eurozone prices surged a record 10% in September, though American consumers’ inflation expectations eased this month. Much of the broad market conversation is about when rather than whether something big is about to break. Brent Donnelly, the president of Spectra Markets and the author of “Alpha Trader: The Mindset, Methodology and Mathematics of Professional Trading,” joins Maggie Lake to discuss that issue and to identify ways investors and traders can navigate the price action. We also hear from Michael Kao and Michael Nicoletos about the Federal Reserve’s global power. Watch the full conversation featuring Michael Kao and Michael Nicoletos here:[…]uff-QpZW?source_collection=852d5cce52bd4c829fc3d84de72c55b8 And we want to hear from you too – please share your questions in the chat!

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Brent Donnelly and Maggie Lake
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Investing, Trading, Finance, Economics, Cryptocurrencies, Interview
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Daily Briefing
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