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Is Inflation Cooling Fast Enough for the Fed?

The New York Federal Reserve’s monthly consumer survey showed expectations for inflation over the next 12 months declined to 5.75% in August from 6.2% in July, as investors await Tuesday’s release of Consumer Price Index data for more clues about the direction of U.S. monetary policy. Gordon Johnson, the founder of GLJ Research, joins Maggie Lake to talk about how the Federal Reserve will interpret recent inflation data in the broader global economic context. With stocks on the rise, yields on the decline, and the inflation genie seemingly on its way back into the bottle, are things really getting better? We also hear from Mike Novogratz, who was live at the SALT Conference in New York City, about opportunities that are sure to emerge over the next three to five years amid a shifting macro landscape. We apologize for the abbreviated episode, as we were dealing with technical issues that caused it to be cut short. We’ve resolved those issues, and we hope to get Gordon Johnson back on the Daily Briefing soon to talk about the global economy.

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Gordon L. Johnson and Maggie Lake
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Real Vision, Interview, Economics, Trading, Finance, Investing, Cryptocurrencies
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Daily Briefing
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