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Global Yields Continue To Climb

The British pound reached a record low, the People’s Bank of China stepped up its support for the yuan, the Bank of Japan defended its own intervention in defense of the yen, and every major currency in the world traded lower against the U.S. dollar today. Meanwhile, yields are spiking, particularly at the short end of the curve, and bonds are in their first bear market in 76 years. Should we be on the lookout for something big to break? Is the strong U.S. dollar going to cause a crisis for the rest of the world? Gordon Johnson, the founder of GLJ Research, joins Maggie Lake to talk about recent price action. We also hear from Jim Bianco about why inflation has probably peaked. Watch the full first video from our new Make or Break series featuring Jim and Raoul here: We want to hear from you too – be sure to share your questions in the chat!

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Gordon L. Johnson and Maggie Lake
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Maggie Lake
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Trading, Economics, Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Interview, Finance
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Daily Briefing
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