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The Fed Amps Up Aggression--Stocks Plunge Immediately

The U.S. Fed just released its meeting minutes, hinting that it may get more aggressive with tightening the balance sheet and reducing stimulus. That caused stocks to plunge immediately. China just launched a wallet app for its own digital Yuan currency with the aim to expand its usage to more people in the country and, simultaneously, achieve more control over crypto in the country. The digital Yuan is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but instead is issued and controlled by the People’s Bank of China. In the U.S., private-sector job growth increased by 807,000 payrolls in December, which is the strongest growth since May, according to the ADP National Employment Report released Wednesday. However, absenteeism resulting from the Omicron variant is still an imminent threat to non-farm payroll growth. 42 Macro CEO and founder Darius Dale joins to discuss all this as well as his developing macro outlook for 2022. Interviewed by Maggie Lake. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange:

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Darius Dale and Maggie Lake
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Cryptocurrencies, Real Vision, Interview, Investing, Economics, Trading, Finance
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Daily Briefing