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Are Central Banks Fighting the Wrong Fight?

The ECB raised key interest rates another 50 basis points and U.S. markets continue to rebound as large institutions come to the rescue of First Republic Bank. Maggie Lake is joined by Ed Harrison, senior editor at Bloomberg, and the man who started the original Daily Briefing at Real Vision back in 2020. Ed joins us on the show’s 3-year anniversary to talk about the banking crisis, the next asset class at risk, and where markets are headed. Plus, we’ll hear from Emad Mostaque on why AI will be “massively deflationary.” You can watch that entire interview here: And find more of Ed’s work here: We want to hear from you, so be sure to get your questions in.

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Ed Harrison and Maggie Lake
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Cryptocurrencies, Trading, Economics, Interview, Finance, Investing
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Daily Briefing
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