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Are the Bulls Back in Charge?

“Markets are rallying right now based on a massive overshoot in technicals and sentiment,” explained Mark Ritchie II in a note today. “The bears overplayed their hand, and the bulls are trying to push back.” Ritchie II, a managing partner at RTM Capital, joins Maggie Lake for today’s Daily Briefing to talk about the factors driving this equity rally, whether it’s durable, what the Federal Reserve will do from here. “The market is trying to look through to the end of the Fed tightening cycle,” Ritchie II added, “and that’s the $64 million question.” We also hear from Lee Robinson about the emergence of “so many interesting distressed ideas” amid ongoing market turmoil. Watch the full conversation featuring Lee Robinson and Nick Lawson here: And we want to hear from you too – please share your questions, comments, and suggestions! Editor’s Note: Our live chat feature will be unavailable for four to six weeks as we upgrade our video player technology. We apologize for the temporary loss of function. But we assure you the upgrade will more than justify the wait. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the comments section. So, in addition to conversing with your fellow community members, please share your questions there.

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Mark Ritchie II and Maggie Lake
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Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Economics, Trading, Interview, Investing
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Daily Briefing
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