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Rocktoberfest 2020 Sponsor Series: Wilshire Phoenix

New York-based mobility charity A Leg To Stand On’s Rocktoberfest event is going digital for 2020. ALTSO UK board member and AlphaWeek Managing Editor Greg Winterton spoke to Bill Herrmann, Founder and Managing Partner at Wilshire Phoenix, about how he first got involved with ALTSO and his hopes for the event this year.

GW: Bill - how did you get involved with ALTSO originally?

BH: I became involved with ALTSO through a friend of mine, Mitch Ackles. He does pro-bono PR for ALTSO and arranged an introduction. From the moment I met Gaby and her team, their collective passion towards the cause was immediately apparent. That passion rubbed off on me and my firm.

GW: Have you been to a Rocktoberfest event before and if so, what was your first experience of Rocktoberfest like?

BH: Yes, I've been before. Wilshire has been involved with ALTSO basically from our inception and this will be our 2nd year sponsoring Rocktoberfest. We sponsored the New York event last year at the Hard Rock Café in midtown; it was an unforgettable experience! I think it’s rare to be having a great time at an event and at that same time realize everyone around you is doing something great too.

GW: What about ALTSO appeals to you the most?

BH: As a firm, we try to align ourselves with charitable organizations that most closely align to our values. We know with ALTSO that each dollar we donate makes its way to those that need it. I think that’s largely because ALTSO runs lean and has a ‘roll your sleeves up’ mentality. They do whatever it takes.

GW: What are your thoughts on a virtual live music event?

BH: I’m excited and intrigued to see how it all works. It’s all obviously quite different this year, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s going to be great. The technology they are using is interesting, and I think the ALTSO team is doing the best they can given the circumstances of the event. I have no doubt that ALTSO will deliver yet another amazing Rocktoberfest!  

GW: What’s your best donation pitch to the audience?

BH: This year has been exceptionally challenging for us all, but not nearly as difficult for the many kids across the world that need the help of ALTSO. We all hope - and expect - to go back to our ‘normal’ lives soon. By donating to ALTSO, you’re giving  the kids who ALTSO supports the hope to one day experience what our version of normal is, because without ALTSO, their normal will be a lifetime of struggle.

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