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Truss Edge


Truss Edge was created at a multi-strategy hedge fund for real-time monitoring and control of its global trading teams with complex instruments, markets, limits, strategies, and risk. We have expanded with our software application Safari to support a wide diversity of investment groups and meet their demands for exceptional support with our cohesive team, technology, and infrastructure.  We provide managers with either their complete end-to-end single system platform and operations or a configuration that meets their specific needs.  Our clients’ gain the advantage of a faster, more precise, robust, and cost-effective foundation.

We deliver continuous improvement through monthly software releases. Truss Edge is flexible so that managers can select the features that work for their business.

  • Proven investment front, middle and back-office software
  • Fully integrated STP, single platform: trading, settlement, reconciliation, reporting, risk, dashboard, and accounting
  • Plug and play software as a service and operations as a service
  • Total instrument coverage.
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