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XTAL Strategies


XTAL Strategies is a fintech company, developing private market indices, analytics, products, services, and technology solutions for private market industry participants. At its core, XTAL is a Benchmark Administrator with strong product and business development capabilities. By leveraging a patented ground-breaking paradigm to analyse and manage private market investments as if they were bonds, XTAL Strategies is uniquely positioned to deliver the very first series of rules-based, compliant, and daily-calculated benchmarks that serve as a representation of private markets performance for a selected group of North America Small Buyout, North America Large Buyout, North America Overall Buyout, Europe Large Buyout, and Europe Overall Buyout funds.

The XTAL Buyout Vintage Index Series accurately represent daily private market performance in time-weighted fully-diluted terms. They measure the daily change of the diluted total return of a selected group of unlisted buyout funds, clustered in homogenous vintages and investment geo-focus vehicles. Input data used for the construction of the indices include both contributions and distributions and the net asset value of the index constituents, which is nowcasted and marked to market daily. The XTAL Buyout Vintage Index Series are published in total return terms in the specified currency. A positive index percentage change represents the increase in the total value generated by the commitment in a diversified portfolio of buyout PE funds, given the NAVs of the underlying funds, available at the date of measurement.

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