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Turtle Creek Asset Management Launches UCITS Fund

Turtle Creek Asset Management has launched its first UCITS fund. The fund will make available to qualified European investors Turtle Creek’s North American mid-cap public equities strategy.

Turtle Creek was established in 1998 by Andrew Brenton, Jeffrey Cole and Jeffrey Hebel who have worked together continuously for over 25 years. Prior to Turtle Creek, they founded and ran the private equity investment subsidiary of The Bank of Nova Scotia.  While successful at generating strong returns for the bank, they pivoted to public equity investing on account of routinely observing better run, profitable companies trading at irrational prices, and concluded that improved risk-adjusted-returns could be achieved. Today Turtle Creek manages mid-cap public equity portfolios totalling close to US$3.5bn.

“At Turtle Creek we offer a different kind of value investing. Our approach is different; our methodology is different; and the companies we invest in tend to be different. We founded Turtle Creek to invest in public equities over the long term, with a particular focus on reducing risk – after all, this is where I and my partners invest all of our respective family wealth. We believe that through taking less risk we can achieve higher returns," said Andrew Brenton, Turtle Creek’s CEO.

Turtle Creek’s strategy has been refined over the last 24 years. The UCITS fund portfolio, consisting of 35-40 holdings, is constructed from the 100+ companies that the firm actively follows.

“We are very excited to be offering our strategy in a UCITS format. We think long-term value investing in North American equities with a well-considered, consistent and nuanced investment approach represents a primary portfolio building block, and is particularly attractive in the current climate," said Michael Bowen, Senior Vice President.

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