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AlphaWeek's Research Centre

AlphaWeek is the exclusive distributor of the 1512 St Gallen Report, a weekly report, published on Mondays, which reviews five securities which each exhibit strong signals - based on a proprietary quantitative model developed by Dr. Thomas Kochanek, CEO and Principal of a Switzerland-based CTA and CRO/COO at an $800mn investment boutique - that a price reversal in these securities, either upwards or downwards, is likely to take place in the coming weeks. The 5 securities covered in the report are selected from a universe of 65 liquid futures markets, as well as US and European single stocks.

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We are currently offering the 1512 St Gallen Report for free until Monday, May 18th. To request to be given access to the free trial of the 1512 St Gallen Report, please Email Us.

The subscription price will be just USD $100 per month or USD $1,000 per year. Billing is also available in GBP.