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Easy Money Has Hard Consequences

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced a fourth consecutive 75-basis-point rate hike, and Chair Jerome Powell aggressively pushed back against any thoughts of a “pivot.” Today, the Bank of England followed the Fed with its own 75-basis-point rate hike, even as it warned what would be the country’s longest recession ever has already started and will continue through 2023 and into 2024. The dollar is strengthening against the pound again, though the prospect of a “soft landing” stateside seems to be growing more and more remote. “The world is confronted with many new threats,” writes Vincent Deluard in his most recent newsletter, “and the next twelve months feel abnormally uncertain.” Deluard, the Director of Global Macro Strategy at Stone X, joins Ash Bennington for today’s Daily Briefing to talk about recent moves by central banks, his 2023 outlook, and his “Holy Trinity” picks for this market. We also hear from Andreas Steno Larsen about the natural gas supply situation in Europe this heating season and, more importantly, next winter. Watch the complete conversation between Andreas Steno Larsen and Maggie Lake here: And we want to hear from you too – please share your questions, comments, and suggestions! Editor’s Note: Our live chat feature will be unavailable for four to six weeks as we upgrade our video player technology. We apologize for the temporary loss of function. But we assure you the upgrade will more than justify the wait. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the comments section. So, in addition to conversing with your fellow community members, please share your questions there.

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