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Did the Fed Just Acknowledge the Deposit Crisis?

The Federal Reserve unanimously hiked interest rates by a quarter point today, continuing its fight against inflation while acknowledging concern for the apparently delicate U.S. banking system. So where does that leave investors from here? In this special 1-hour Fed Day Daily Briefing, Andreas Steno Larsen is joined by Real Vision’s Mike Coolbaugh for an instant reaction to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference and how markets are responding. Then the one and only Darius Dale, founder of 42 Macro, joins the show to share his macro outlook and discuss what just changed for investors. You can find more of Mike’s work here: and more from Darius here: And if you missed any of the interviews from our latest series, How to Unf*ck your Future, catch up right here: We want to hear from you, so be sure to get your questions in.

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Darius Dale, Michael Coolbaugh and Andreas Steno Larsen
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Interview, Investing, Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Economics, Trading
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Daily Briefing
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