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Real Vision

Have We Reached Peak Inflation?

U.S. stocks gapped higher at today’s open and held onto big gains through the day, buoyed b
Real Vision

"It Is All About Oil Prices"

Marko Papic has a very clear view of Wednesday morning’s report from the Bureau of Labor St
Real Vision

"Listen to What the Market Is Saying"

If last week’s events in and around Taiwan illustrate Asia’s growing geopolitical importanc
Real Vision

About That Blockbuster Jobs Report ...

Equity futures tanked and Treasury yields spiked this morning after the Bureau of Labor Sta
Real Vision

The Bank of England Goes Big and Gets Scary

The Bank of England announced its biggest rate hike since 1995 and forecast “long recession
Real Vision

"No More Candy for You"

Stocks are ripping higher today and yields are rising, as multiple Federal Reserve official
Real Vision

Why the "Inflation Is Over" Rally Will Fall

We’re witnessing the greatest stock market rally in the aftermath of a Federal Reserve rate
Real Vision

Global Growth Engines Are Stalling

The International Monetary Fund cut its global growth projections for 2022 and 2023, descri
Real Vision

Are We Fated to Stagflation?

The European Central Bank announced an expectations-beating half-point interest-rate hike t
Real Vision

A Tale of a Textbook Turnaround Setup

In his most recent newsletter, Tony Greer of TG Macro wrote, “The setup for oil bulls on th
Real Vision

Now Comes the Global Energy Crisis

Goldman Sachs and Bank of America posted solid headline-level earnings this morning, both b
Real Vision

Let's Do Some Inflation Math

Jared Dillian tweeted it out: “It would take 8 months of 0.0% CPI readings to get CPI back
Real Vision

How Will Stocks Respond to Lower Earnings?

Registering yet another 40-year high, the consumer price index for June came in at 9.1% and
Real Vision

Raoul Pal's Take on the World

It was already going to be a significant Jobs Friday before the West awoke to news of the a
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