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Real Vision

What Kind of September Will It Be?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average erased a 370-point gain and turned red this afternoon, as
Real Vision

How To Make Use of Volatility

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell kept it short and sour last Friday, and stocks have fal
Real Vision

Europe Just Doesn't Have the Power

Europe’s energy crisis is getting worse, stoking inflation as well as fear of “conflict and
Real Vision

Bulls vs. Bears: Who Wins This Epic Showdown?

U.S. equity indexes followed Bitcoin lower at Monday’s open, trading well in the red as inv
Real Vision

Powell Says "Zip It" to Pivot Talk

At the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium today, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke for
Real Vision

"Does Anyone in Europe Have a Plan?"

Natural gas prices in Europe and Asia surged to near-record highs Wednesday, as the worst e
Real Vision

How Strong Can the Dollar Get?

The euro has broken below parity with the dollar, hitting a two-decade low on Tuesday amid
Real Vision

When Will This Energy Crisis End?

U.S. equity indexes opened deep in the red and traded lower through the day, as investors p
Real Vision

"Nothing Is Certain in This World"

St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard isn’t ready to say inflation has peaked a
Real Vision

Who Is Buying Tech? (And Why?)

The Nasdaq Composite is leading the major U.S. equity indexes higher today, as investors st
Real Vision

Why This Energy Crisis Will Get Hotter

U.S. equity indexes continue to go higher despite accumulating evidence of slowing domestic
Real Vision

Is All the Bad News Priced In?

The People’s Bank of China got the week started with surprise rate cuts on domestic growth
Real Vision

The Market Doesn't Have to Crash

The University of Michigan preliminary sentiment index for July ticked up to 55.1 from 51.5
Real Vision

Is a Soft Landing a Pipe Dream?

U.S. stocks surged again this morning on news the Producer Price Index fell by 0.5% in July
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