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Real Vision

Stocks Soar To Start October

The Dow Jones Industrial Average led the three major U.S. equity indexes higher on the firs
Real Vision

Is Jerome Powell Going To Nuke Everything?

The major equity indexes were mixed as of midday, a fair-to-middling session welcome relief
Real Vision

How Can We Trade Forex Chaos?

The British pound’s wild ride took another turn after the Bank of England intervened in the
Real Vision

They Used To Say the Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

We’ve seen what could very well be an act of war perpetrated beneath the Baltic Sea. We’re
Real Vision

Something Is Brewing in the Baltic Sea

The word “sabotage” is in heavy rotation today, as the world wonders why natural gas is lea
Real Vision

Global Yields Continue To Climb

The British pound reached a record low, the People’s Bank of China stepped up its support f
Real Vision

This Is About the Fed's Volcker Worship

With global markets on the edge and investors concerned about a multitude of extant financi
Real Vision

Why the Forex Market Matters Right Now

Mere hours after the Federal Reserve announced a third consecutive 75 basis point rate hike
Real Vision

What Else Can Be Priced In?

FedEx withdrew forward earnings guidance and CEO Raj Subramaniam warned of a “worldwide rec
Real Vision

Is Inflation Cooling Fast Enough for the Fed?

The New York Federal Reserve’s monthly consumer survey showed expectations for inflation ov
Real Vision

What's Driving the Rebound in Risk Assets?

If we understand the macro through what the major equity indexes and more modern indicators
Real Vision

Did the ECB Quit the Inflation Fight?

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell h
Real Vision

When Central Bankers Take Center Stage

The European Central Bank is expected to announce another 75-basis-point rate hike followin
Real Vision

Straight Forex Makes the World Go 'Round

The Institute for Supply Management reported today that its services index ticked up to 56.
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