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Lykeion is a new financial media publication that delivers in-depth, balanced, apolitical, market insights, in a clear, succinct weekly publication. Their goal is to provide relevant markets updates, with an emphasis on quality over quantity, respecting their reader's time as much as they do their own. The publication focuses on the intersection of macro, markets, geopolitically relevant context, cryptocurrencies, and emerging markets

The Case For Peak Hawkishness

For a full year, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), actively refused to engage in conversations about the path of future monetary policy, despite the looming specter of higher inflation across the region. That all changed in the first month of 2022

The US Dollar In 2022: Cautiously Bullish

The dollar sits at the apex of the world’s financial system; its direction and rate of change impact every asset class in the world. We see it rise against low-yielding and EM currencies but struggle against commodity currencies
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